The Method of Color Design of Perfume Bottle

The Method of Color Design of Perfume Bottle

1. Emotional associations of colors in perfume bottle packaging

Color itself has no life, just a natural physical phenomenon. The reason why people have emotions about colors is because we live in a colorful world. Color will make people have a wide range of associations, such as the shape attached to the color, the various associations produced by various colors, our common red, will specifically associate with apples and fire, and then the psychological effects produced are enthusiasm and liveliness.

Color can only play a role in the packaging design of perfume bottles through the shape, and the color of the product stimulates people to produce different emotional associations. For example, red, orange, and yellow are reminiscent of the sun because of the cool and warm nature of colors. Through the summary of the data and literature, we divide the emotional characteristics produced by the psychological effects of color into: warm and cold, light and heavy, expansion and contraction, soft and hard, excitement and calm, bright and melancholy.

2. Design method of color of perfume bottle packaging

The product in this article is a female perfume bottle, so I mainly sort out the design method of the color of the perfume bottle. Through data understanding and research on existing products, it is found that the color design of the female perfume bottle mainly considers the following aspects: the function needs of the bottle body color, women's psychological perception of color, fashionable colors.

(1) Functional requirements of bottle color

The function of the perfume bottle is mainly to hold the perfume, so the color with low lightness should be selected, not only to set off the color of the perfume itself, but also to facilitate the observation of the volume of the perfume. At the same time, some perfumes need to be protected from light, so the design of the bottle body will consider dark brown color.

(2) Women's psychological perception of color

Women's psychology is more soft, but they need to express their individuality, so the color of perfume bottle is mostly color with strong feminine characteristics, such as light pink and other low-purity colors, which cater to women's delicate, motherly love and other characteristics. At the same time, bold and bright colors will be used to express the public personality of women.

(3) Fashionable and popular colors

Fashion has always been exclusive to women, who are good at spotting trends and following them. Popular colors can adapt to psychological satisfaction, freshness, and pleasure. With the increasingly frequent cross-border fashion and cultural exchanges, the current popular colors produced by this exchange are also the main reference for the design colors of women's perfume bottle packaging products.

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