Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Bottle Packaging

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Bottle Packaging

Plastic is a polymer material made of a polymer resin as a basic component, and added with various additives to improve its performance. The use of plastic bottles as packaging materials is a sign of the development of modern packaging technology and is the fastest growing in the world in 30 years. It is widely used in food packaging, and it has replaced many traditional packaging materials such as glass, metal and paper, and has become the most important packaging material for food sales packaging.

The superior characteristics of plastic bottles used in food packaging are:
1. Plastic bottle is light in weight and good in mechanical properties. The strength calculated according to the unit mass of the material is high, so the packaging container and the finished product are lightly relocated, convenient for storage and transportation, and convenient for carrying and using. The good mechanical properties of the plastic bottle packaging material make it easy for molding and packaging operations, and high-speed automation of food packaging.

2. Plastic bottles have good barrier properties. Choose the right plastic packaging material. It can meet the sealing requirements such as gas barrier and moisture retention, waterproof and moisture proof of food packaging, and can also meet the certain air permeability requirements of fresh food modified atmosphere packaging.

3. Plastic bottle packaging products have good molding and processing properties. It can be processed into films, sheets, ribbon fabrics and containers of various shapes to meet the needs of packaging of various physical foods and various other packaging. The plastic packaging material has good sealing properties such as heat sealing, and is easy to be combined with other materials to make up for the defects of single material packaging performance, and constitute a composite packaging material with excellent comprehensive packaging performance.
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