Anti-Customer: Perfume Bottles Also Leak Temperament

Anti-Customer: Perfume Bottles Also Leak Temperament

Ms. Chanel once said: "Those bottles are my sweet memories, and they have witnessed my submission and surrender. It is my favorite." The bottles she said are the hundreds of perfume bottles in the room. Many are still empty. Perfume bottles mark identity, location, and its appearance is linked to our grades and lifestyle. Aside from the perfume, the perfume bottle itself is a more long-lasting, more civilized and inner work of art. It is worthy of appreciation and even preservation.

The sleek, curved appearance symbolizes the simplicity and simplicity of the fragrance. Most of the simple fragrance series will choose round or pebbled shapes as the creative source of the bottle. They are round and jade-like, and they have no sharp edges in their hands. They are extremely warm and comfortable. Together, it reflects the characteristics of the perfume itself, which is inherently deep and unobtrusive.

Perfume bottles also have animal planning elements. For example, anna sui's secret wish perfume is on the top of the special trihedral crystal bottle. There is a delicate, shimmering, dreamy glimmer on the delicate matte crystal ball. This elf is the embodiment of the little fairy, marking the temperament and strength of pride, mana, and femininity. The perfume bottle is like a delicate carving art.

Deliberately deep imagery presents a mysterious exotic fragrance. Some perfume bottles are shaped by sun, moon, star, construction, ornaments, diamonds, and heart shapes. For example, Chopin's wish perfume borrows a certain characteristic of diamonds, which is modeled after a multi-faceted diamond shape, and is made of dark blue in the night sky. It has a unique style and makes it have common charm but is also unusual.
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