Why Are Glass Bottles for Cosmetics Better Than Plastic Bottles?

Why Are Glass Bottles for Cosmetics Better Than Plastic Bottles?

Our daily cosmetics are packaged in glass bottles, and many people wonder why we don't use plastic bottles. Here's a little bit about why glass bottles for cosmetics are better than plastic cosmetic jars wholesale.

How is a glass cosmetic container better than a plastic cosmetic container?

The organic chemical reliability of the glass cosmetic container is good, not easy to react with the sealed container materials. It has good clarity, and can add iron, cobalt, chromium and other additives in the raw materials to produce a variety of colors of glass bottles (such as tiger glass, environmental glass, pale glass, cobalt blue glass, milk white glass, opalescent glass). It has good temperature resistance and great tensile strength and, not easy to deformation and resistant to internal pressure. With high relative density and a sense of net weight, it is suitable for more high-end cosmetic packaging wholesale. With good barrier and sanitary and storing properties, it is easy to seal, and can be sealed tightly again after opening. Thus, glass cosmetic containers are commonly used in high-end cosmetics or some skin care packaging.

Glass cosmetic jars wholesale for liquid cosmetic packaging is generally a narrow mouth bottle, suitable for nail polish glue, nail polish remover, eau de toilette and spice packaging.

The glass cosmetic containers can be decorated with packaging printing or labels. Also, it is possible to use different colors of glass bottles in order to incorporate different characteristics of the sealed cabinet skin care products.

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