Box-shaped Perfume Packaging Allows You to

Box-shaped Perfume Packaging Allows You to

The use of glass bottle packaging is not only because cosmetic packaging can bring good visual effects, but also its good sealing and chemical stability is the key to ensuring the quality of cosmetics. And cosmetic packaging gives people a feeling of atmosphere and high-grade. Therefore, many cosmetic brands will choose glass bottles as cosmetic packaging to improve the grade of cosmetics itself. In addition, some ingredients will fail when exposed to air. No matter how expensive the ingredients are, it is meaningless, and it will also affect the mood of consumers. However, glass perfume bottles have good chemical stability, which just solves this problem.

Therefore, it is obviously reasonable to choose glass bottles as cosmetic packaging. Glass cosmetic packaging can effectively ensure that cosmetic ingredients will not volatilize, and their ingredients will not come into contact with the air, so their quality can be better guaranteed. How important is perfume packaging to perfume? From a practical point of view, the bottle is responsible for carrying the perfumer's mind and concentrated aroma and transporting it around the world; at the sales level, the bottle also shoulders the responsibility of communicating with customers.

1. The design of the shape, material and size of the perfume packaging box

The shape, material and size of perfume packaging design convey different messages to customers, and among the various elements that can be seen with the naked eye, color is especially important. Colors can conjure up many associations. For example, when you see yellow, you think of fruits such as bananas, lemons, and mangoes; when you see blue, images such as the ocean and sky emerge; when you see red, you think of images such as roses or flames. Colors will also give people different feelings, such as red for enthusiasm, blue for coldness, purple for noble and so on.

Although it is impossible to know whether everyone will feel or imagine the same color when faced with color, but our cognition will vary according to age, experience and culture, but we can still know that color what it means in mainstream cognition. This theory also applies to perfume packaging.

2. "Smell" the aroma through the perfume packaging box

Fragrance has no color, but perfume does. The scent that lingers in the nose but cannot be touched is given color in the different colored bottles, and also gives the customer a visual definition. The exquisite and ingenious perfume packaging box not only reflects the designer's mind, but also conveys a little-perceived message: did you know that we can "smell" aroma through color?

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