Recommendations and Notes of Perfume Bottle Design

Recommendations and Notes of Perfume Bottle Design

1. Recommendations for the perfume bottle design

Perfume bottles refer to bottles for packaging all types of perfumes. The perfume market has always been known to be highly profitable, so it is more attentive to create perfume bottles regardless of cost. Perfume bottles have multiple roles in the perfume market.

(1) Perfume bottles are the primary element of building a perfume brand and displaying perfume. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the perfume bottle design and creation.

(2) Perfume bottle packaging is also very important for the protection of perfume and the safety of sealing.

(3) The aesthetic design of perfume bottles is also conducive to enhancing the brand image.

2. What should I pay attention to when designing perfume bottles?

(1) The choice of perfume bottle material includes glass, plastic, crystal and various materials.

(2) The selection of perfume bottle style. The capacity and appearance of perfume bottle design should be both aesthetic and practical.

(3) The safety of the perfume bottle and avoid breaking, etc.

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