Comparison of Glass Perfume Roll-on Bottle and Perfume Spray Bottle

Comparison of Glass Perfume Roll-on Bottle and Perfume Spray Bottle

The proportion of perfume roller bottles in cosmetic packaging containers is not large, but it still has irreplaceable advantages in the packaging field, and it is still a high-level cosmetic packaging material in the short term. Thoroughness, purity and elegance are the charms of glass bottles. Compared with plastic bottles, their heavy and heavy feel can enhance the brand's grade and make consumers more trustworthy.

The unique visual effect of the frosted glass bottle is far more incomparable than that of the plastic bottle. When producing plastic bottles, it is impossible to achieve the effect of matte and frosted surface through the surface treatment of the mold, and only post-processing oil injection treatment can be performed, which is much less effective and the cost is quite high. Compared with the flat glass bottle, the frosted cosmetic glass bottle is elegant and gorgeous, with a good fog feeling, good decorative shading effect, and more technical decoration functions.

1. Perfume in glass perfume ball bottle and perfume spray bottle belong to the classification of perfume

Both are mixed with alcohol solution and appropriate amount of spices. Both roll-on perfume and spray perfume have fragrant and rich aroma. They can make people's spirits happy, not only enrich people's life content, but also improve the quality of people's life. Although they are both popular fragrance packaging, the glass perfume roller bottle and perfume spray bottle have a certain difference in texture. Although the roller perfume and spray perfume are both liquid, in terms of concentration, the roller perfume should be relatively viscous. Apply the roller perfume to the skin. After application, the fragrance takes a while to dry and has a heavy and greasy feel when applied. The perfume in the perfume spray bottle is relatively thin, and it is sprayed with a refreshing texture like water mist.

2. The difference in the use of glass perfume roller bottles and perfume spray bottles

Roll-on perfume is relatively viscous, so you need to turn the custom perfume bottles upside down when using it, and then slide the roll-on on the skin until the perfume has moistened the roll-on.This method, favored by many perfume bottle manufacturers, ensures a controlled and direct application of the fragrance.The hot parts of the body will excite the fragrance in the roller-ball perfume, so the perfume of the glass perfume roller-ball bottle is applied on the wrist, the inside of the elbow and behind the ear. The spray perfume is relatively thin. It mainly sprays the perfume through the nozzle of the perfume bottle, and the sprayed perfume molecules will be scattered on the human body, or the spray perfume can be sprayed directly on the desired part. Spray perfumes can be used on the body, hair or clothing, while roll-on perfumes are generally used on body skin.

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