Comparison of Grinding Process and Sandblasting Process of Cosmetic Glass Bottles

Comparison of Grinding Process and Sandblasting Process of Cosmetic Glass Bottles

Ⅰ. The grinding and sandblasting process of cosmetic glass bottles

1. Sandblasting process

Sandblasting is a work that uses compressed air as a power to push abrasives to the surface of the workpiece for processing. This is the so-called sandblasting, which is what we often call shot blasting. Because in the early days of shot blasting, sand was the only abrasive that could be used, so shot blasting was called sand blasting at that time and for a long time thereafter. Sandblasting can make the surface to be cleaned obtain the required cleanliness and certain roughness, and improve the adhesion of the coating on the base surface. No matter how good the coating is, it will not adhere to the surface of the workpiece without a long-term surface treatment. The purpose of surface pretreatment is to clean the surface and produce the roughness required to "lock" the coating on the surface. After the surface of the sandblasted workpiece is coated with a good-performance industrial coating, the service life of the coating is 3.5 times longer than that of the same quality coating on the surface treated by other methods. Another advantage of sandblasting (shot blasting) is that the surface roughness can be predetermined according to requirements and can be achieved during the cleaning process.

2. Grinding process

Grinding is the process of making cosmetic glass bottle from smooth to non-smooth, and light irradiates the surface to form diffuse reflection. In chemical grinding, glass is mechanically ground or manually ground with emery, silica sand, pomegranate powder and other abrasives to form a uniformly rough surface, or glass and other objects can be treated with hydrofluoric acid solution to form frosted glass.

Ⅱ. Comparison of grinding process and sandblasting process for cosmetic glass bottles

The two processes are completely different. Ground cosmetic glass bottles are more expensive than sandblasted cosmetic glass bottles, and the effect mainly depends on the needs of users. Some unique cosmetic glass bottles are not suitable for grinding. Judging from the high-end pursuit, grinding process should be chosen. The sandblasting process can be done in general factories, but the grinding process is not easy to do well.

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