Perfume Package

Perfume Package

Perfume package refer with pocket sprayer, purser sprayer and perfume vial. It is a wide range packaging supply chain. Perfume Package have volume from 1ml,2ml,3ml,5ml,10ml,15ml,20ml,30ml even up to 50ml.

Products Description

They are using by airline carry perfume, duty free perfume and tester perfume. After Airline company are forbid to bring the liquid above than 50ml, perfume package become more and more popular. For 1-10ml perfume package are mainly using for tester perfumes or gift perfumes. Perfume packaging become an important part of company promotion products to attract the customers, which was made by glass vial and purser sprayer. The other advantage of Perfume package was easy to carry. Most of perfume package are with less weight compare with perfume bottle. And the shape of perfume packages can carry as a personal belonging.

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