Various Advantages of Glass Bottle Package

Various Advantages of Glass Bottle Package

Being the safest, the package of glass bottles and jars for cosmetics has experienced more than 100 years. Glass bottles package includes traditional packaging materials and the new ones, proving to be the excellent wrapper through the test of time.

1. Transparency. The glass is transparent, from which the medicine liquid or the change of medicine can be seen by eyes. The status of liquid within the package can be observed without the assistance of any instrumentso it can be used to to judge the change of colors, foreign matters and the volume, being easy to have fundamental diagnosis whether the liquid goes bad and further ensuring the safety of the liquid.

2. Air impermeability. The glass is closed, being airtight and impermeable, which is important to corrosion resistance. In addition, it is stainless corrosion and it has no aging and no deterioration; at the same time, its sealing air impermeability will not weaken, which extremely benefits the long-term storage of liquid. It is able to be disinfected at a high temperature because the glass can resist 121 degrees or even higher, with no transformation and no significant change in other properties. It has no composition or volatile matter on its own. It can be used at 450 degrees in a short time and 350 degrees for a long time, nearly enduring whatever high temperature and its follow-up processing treatment.

3. Good chemical stability. Glass is excellent in chemical stability which will not react with the materials obviously except for alkali, hot phosphoric acid and hydrofluoric acid. Being superior in chemical compatibility, it separates out no hazardous substance like heavy metal. In the meantime, it has good biological compatibility.

4. Rich in raw materials. The composition of glass is similar to that of the Earth. All components of glass come from the known minerals of the Earth.

5. Being recycled. It can be recycled and goes on reproduction at a high temperature, which is able to provide raw materials continuously and be reused.
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