5 Tips for Customizing Perfume Packaging Boxes

5 Tips for Customizing Perfume Packaging Boxes

Stylish fragrance packaging is key to attracting consumer attention, as around 56% of women make purchasing decisions based on first impressions. That's why fragrance packaging can become a major factor in product marketing. Perfume box manufacturers can use the top 5 cosmetic packaging techniques below to give your product a leading edge in the cosmetics industry.

The shape of custom perfume boxes

Whether you sell perfume, lipstick or eyeshadow, the design and style of the packaging should be attractive. The unique appeal of irregular-shaped boxes is twice that of ordinary product packaging, such as round, plum-shaped, heart-shaped, etc. That's why carefully packaged fragrances sell better than other products. Therefore, unique-shaped perfume bottles or packaging boxes are the key to product sales, as they are both high-end and classy whether for personal use or as gifts for friends.

The product description of custom perfume boxes

Every product has its intended purpose, so in customizing perfume packaging boxes, their use, ingredients, instructions, user manual, trademark, brand name, bar code, and theme should be properly labeled. In fact, when consumers notice your product, the next step is to check out its description. This is key in removing any doubts the customer may have. Therefore, clear content display can increase product sales.

The material of custom perfume boxes

Paper is one of the commonly used packaging materials, such as grey board paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper, card paper, etc. They are environmentally friendly and easy to acquire in the market. They also have different characteristics. For example, corrugated cardboard is a high-strength material that can be used to carry heavy objects, usually for product transportation and storage; while grey board paper is commonly used in high-end gift packaging materials, with super-plasticity that can be designed into various shapes and sizes of packaging boxes. Kraft paper is a biodegradable eco-friendly material that has strong waterproofing, toughness, and tear resistance. In addition, different colors and patterns can be added to the cardboard to make it more attractive. Most cosmetic brands use this strategy to attract customers.

Customizing the color combination of custom perfume boxes

The color combination must follow the brand theme, such as Hermes, which keeps all its products in the same style of packaging, all using orange as the main color without any color variations. In customizing perfume boxes, the right color combination is essential but it must not stray from the brand's color. Therefore, the correct color combination can create branding effects and influence consumer purchase decisions.

The craftsmanship of custom perfume boxes

Packaging craftsmanship has a strong influence on fragrance packaging design, such as embossing, hot stamping, UV printing, convex-concave, etc. Adding custom perfume bottle design and packaging craftsmanship to product packaging boxes will make them more attractive. When used on packaging box logos or patterns, it can highlight product branding information and increase brand recognition. When customizing perfume boxes, these techniques should be followed, as this is the best opportunity for brands to gain more sales.

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