Perfume Bottle Design is the Most Effective Advertisement for Perfume

Perfume Bottle Design is the Most Effective Advertisement for Perfume

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life and consumption level, the perfume market is also growing. For women to choose perfume, fragrance is important, but perfume bottle design also plays a crucial role. Women are emotionally rich and have certain perceptual choices about the appearance of products. Therefore, it is very necessary to analyze the perceptual cognition and emotional response of women on the basis of meeting the functional requirements in the design of women's perfume bottles.

1. The importance of perfume bottle design

There are more and more brands of perfume, and the market begins to compete. More and more companies start their own brand awareness under the premise of focusing on quality, and there are more and more famous brands. Driven by brand awareness and the market, product packaging begins to become important. When the basic needs of consumers are met and there is a general consensus on finding high-level needs, it becomes more and more important to design and sell products with aesthetic interest.

A good glass perfume bottle design brings the icing on the cake to its own perfume. In the perfume survey, relevant journal literature survey data shows that 50% of people choose to "like this kind of packaging", second only to 80.5% of people who choose to "like this kind of fragrance", ranking second. However, the packaging is so important, in the whole packaging, the design of the perfume bottle is an important factor. On the other hand, almost everyone agrees that although the market for men has grown in recent years, the majority of perfume users are still women.

2. The female market crowd targeted by the perfume bottle design

Throughout the fiercely competitive market, in the consumption of women's daily necessities, the packaging design has become the object of their consumption. Therefore, the design of women's perfume bottles must meet the aesthetic and psychological needs of female consumers. From the perspective of the market situation of perfume, the largest consumer group is female consumers aged 20-50. Among them, the main consumers are middle-aged women over the age of 30. Because they have a higher income in this age group, they can choose the price of consumer goods calmly.

However, young women aged 20-30 are quick-thinking, broad-minded, unconventional, have their own unique opinions, and are fashion trendsetters. Most of these consumer groups are college students and professional women. They are characterized by vigor, personality, independence, good living environment and unique aesthetic cognition, which make them more obsessed with perfume. They are a powerful potential consumer group in the market.

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