Minimalist Design Style and Principles of Perfume Vials

Minimalist Design Style and Principles of Perfume Vials

"A good perfume not only tempts the sense of smell but also the sense of sight." A good perfume, even with a perfect scent, is difficult to win consumers' favor without a unique design. The reason why a perfume can be irresistible lies in its distinctive design elements, particularly its perfume vial, which is specially tailored by famous fashion and luxury perfume brands to portray their individual brand identities. Some women tend to touch the outer appearance of a perfume vial first, then use the sense of smell to perceive its inner essence. Therefore, the design and ornamentation of perfume vials, as well as the accompanying perfume box design, create a magnificent scene, and perfume vials have gradually become a special collection item.

Undecorated perfume vials design style

The rise of the undecorated design style had its roots in modernist architecture during the 1960s, which emphasizes functional and mechanical beauty. The British scholar Peter Collins wrote in "Evolution of Modern Architectural Design Ideas": "Did excess decoration in the 19th century lead to the abandonment of decoration, or was decoration only changing its dress?" He thought, "Decoration had not disappeared, it just naturally merged with the structure." The undecorated glass perfume vial design is a fusion of decoration and structure, creating "decorated undecoration".

Design principles advocated by undecorated perfume vials design

The design principles of undecorated glass perfume vial are: simplicity is better than complexity, plainness is better than dazzling, uniform color is better than multicolored, durability is better than following fashion, and rational structure is better than blindly following fashion. However, it is different from the functional beauty that venerates "decoration is a crime"; it opposes the design style that overemphasizes rationality, simplicity, and function, and disdains pure structural works that lack personality and human touch, but venerates simple, direct, and personalized design.

As time goes by, perfume is becoming an essential item in women's lives, and competition among perfume brands in the market is increasingly fierce. Brands that constantly update are attracting consumers in faster and more effective ways. Compared to the previously complicated designs, people today prefer simple, fresh, and personalized design styles. Custom glass perfume bottles vial designers are also thinking more about how to express their design concepts more clearly and directly in the multifaceted visual world. They explore how to combine a straightforward visual language with a personalized design style, thus forming an undecorated design style.

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