Perfume Bottles: The Solid That Flows with the Times

Perfume Bottles: The Solid That Flows with the Times

Some people spend a lot of time discussing fragrances, but the impact of the perfume bottle on us is no less than the impact of fragrance. With the changing times, the focus of perfume bottles has changed, so it is impossible to generalize what shape is suitable for what kind of fragrance. But based on history and new perfumes in recent years, we can see the mark that time has made on the perfume market.

In the early 20th century, perfume gradually became a commodity from personal use. In order to pursue and for the purpose of becoming more eye-catching later on, the design of perfume bottles also underwent tremendous changes. From the initial metal, ceramics and other materials, they evolved into opaque colored glass, to transparent glass. The liquids presented the luxury and "richness" of fragrance through the crystal-clear glass.

Perfume bottle design became increasingly simple

By the new century, perhaps seeing the successful experiences of the past, or perhaps due to the deepening of environmental protection and minimalist concepts. For example, the 1999 Dior Jadore has a simple and flowing design, while the 1991 Dior Miss Dior can still hear the sound of money being spent on the glass factory. By comparison, the orange starlight on the glass mold of the fragrance "24 Faubourg" released by Hermes in 1995 made it much easier to produce.

It was also the era of the internet. People began to discuss fragrance online. Internet evaluation of fragrances became increasingly important, and the more positive evaluations, the more sales. Similarly, perfume bottles and perfume bottle tops were also important. Luxury brands that once relied on TV commercials and posters changed their strategies and no longer focused on unique bottle designs  as well as the accompanying glass perfume packaging for sales. Coupled with the convenience of online platforms, people prefer to shop online and check reviews before buying, and a name that sounds mysterious and literary is more likely to be chosen over other perfumes.

Perfume bottle design style

They say fashion is cyclical, but capital markets are also cyclical. The appearance of hot-selling products will change the trend. In the coming years, everything that was previously hot will be imitated. For perfumes, both scent and exterior design are points of imitation. Too much imitation ultimately leads to a lack of originality. Then, new hot-selling products will replace the trend. Looking back on the past decade, all of the hot-selling perfumes that people remember have a simple design style. It seems that no successful perfumes rely on concave shapes. In terms of scent, new fragrances cannot beat the golden old fragrances, which have had decades of advertising power. New fragrances can only take root in people's hearts by having novel and life-like scents.

The perfume bottle design industry has always been shrouded in too much mystery, so most people can't touch or don't have the time to study with it. When it comes to the scent of oud, most perfume consumers don't know what that is, and they can't even find an answer by researching online. Therefore, concepts and fragrances that are close to life will still be promising in the next few years.

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