The Secret of Perfume Bottle

The Secret of Perfume Bottle

Women's favorite perfume, the design of the perfume bottle is also loved by the majority of women. The used perfume bottle is reluctant to throw it away and collect it. I believe many ladies do this because the bottle is so beautiful. The perfume bottles that everyone sees are basically narrow mouths. The shape design of such perfume bottles actually makes sense. Let B.I. PACKAGING bring you into the secrets about perfume bottles.

1. The characteristics of perfume bottle design generally include

(1) Practicality

Since the perfume is volatile, the mouth of the perfume bottle will be smaller, which can make the perfume last longer, and it is easier to control the dose when pouring out and use, so as to avoid waste.

(2) Portability

Perfume is a portable item, and considering its own fashion nature, perfume bottle packaging should not only be small and convenient, but also delicate and beautiful. As a fashion accessory, the capacity of a common perfume bottle is about 50ML.

(3) Ease of operation

The outlet design of the perfume container should enable people to judge how to operate, whether to press or rotate, when they use it for the first time. Nowadays, there are generally a variety of methods such as lifting lid type, nozzle type, air bag extrusion type, and dumping type.

(4) Catch the eye

Combined with environmental protection, color, humanities, history and culture, and many other aspects, the perfume shape design and packaging make it a work of art.

For a successful perfume, its design and packaging must be durable and attractive at first sight, similar to what we call visual senses, so that consumers feel love at first sight, can activate consumers' potential desires, and stimulate purchasing power. The designer pursues a style without time limit, which integrates simplicity and decoration, convenience and attractiveness. The perfume bottle gives the perfume a spiritual and fresh life, and can become a unique eye-catcher in the vast ocean of fragrances.

2. There are four advantages of common and excellent perfume bottle design

The first color is eye-catching; the second bottle has a unique shape; the third bottle is superior in texture; the fourth bottle is embellished with high-quality details. Because many classic perfumes have many admirers, the brand will launch limited editions on some special festivals, engraving and drawing some personalized patterns on the original packaging, or cooperating with fashion brands, etc., launching limited editions or cooperating customized editions to make perfumes. Many customers attach great importance to the design of perfume bottles, and a good skin is the key to winning.

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