Visually Expressing Artistic Synesthesia in Fragrance Bottle Design

Visually Expressing Artistic Synesthesia in Fragrance Bottle Design

A good perfume is the perfect combination of smell and sight. Different fragrances give people different feelings, and the corresponding visual expression of perfume bottles should also be different. This requires designers to skillfully use "artistic perception" in fragrance bottle design, turning the invisible into visible and the abstract into concrete, making the whole perfume product full of infectiousness, expressiveness, and imagination. In fragrance bottle design, the visual expression elements mainly include shape, color, and texture.

Artistic perception in the shape expression of fragrance bottle design

As a container for luxury goods, perfume bottles have no restrictions on materials and shapes, except for satisfying basic functional needs. Designers can give full play to their imagination and explore the limits of beautiful forms. Good custom fragrance bottles design not only allows people to conveniently use perfume, but also provides them with aesthetic and artistic experience.

The shape of a perfume bottle is an important basis for establishing consumers' first impression of perfume. The perfume bottle itself is an exquisite work of art. Just like people need to wear clothes, the quality of clothing directly affects others' first impression of them. The quality of the perfume bottle's shape directly affects whether consumers are willing to purchase it. As a perfume container does not require a large container space, the shape of the bottle body is its design key. The shape of a glass perfume bottle is the most intuitive product information presented to consumers, so the shape of the perfume bottle body must have uniqueness, sensory stimulation and excitement, only in this way can it stimulate consumers' desire to purchase. Different fragrances will trigger different olfactory experiences for people, so when designing perfume bottles, designers need to design different shapes according to the different fragrances, in order to show the unique "character" of the perfume. Perfume is the spirit, the container is the form, and when the spirit and the form are harmonious, only then it becomes a superior product.

Artistic perception in the color expression of fragrance bottle design

In visual communication, color is the most direct expression form. Different colors give people different psychological feelings, and also create synesthesia effects such as taste, smell, hearing, and sensation, bringing multi-dimensional sensory experience and psychological feelings to consumers. Many perfumes use colors to distinguish different fragrances. For example, blue series perfumes are usually used for oceanic fragrance, suitable for daytime, summer, and gym use. The fragrance reminds people of waves and the ocean, giving a refreshing and fresh feeling; yellow series perfumes are usually citrus aromas, suitable for summer and leisure time use, giving people a sense of sunshine and happiness; purple series perfumes usually have a strong deep sensory texture, more inclined towards perceptual and mature, more profound, suitable for night and dating use, giving people a mysterious and charming feeling. This is the different feelings that different colored perfumes bring to people.

Of course, sometimes some brands intentionally design pure transparent glass perfume bottle containers to highlight the inherent color of the perfume, creating a pure, natural, and fresh feeling for consumers. The color expression in the design of perfume bottles is not only for visual needs, but also to express the internal characteristics and emotions of the perfume, thus achieving emotional connection and image communication between consumers and designers.

Artistic perception in the texture expression of fragrance bottle design

Different materials have different texture effects. Through visual perception, it will give people a tactile sensation, a taste sensation, an olfactory sensation, and other feelings. Accurate and reasonable use of texture can create a unique aesthetic experience for fragrance perfume packaging design and enhance consumers' interest. The frosted texture of a perfume bottle gives people a hazy feeling, while a transparent perfume bottle gives people a transparent, pure, and bright feeling. In glass fragrance bottle design, some natural textures can also be used, such as straw, hemp thread, and wood, which have a natural beauty of the material itself, giving people a simple, elegant, and pure feeling.

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