Perfume Vial Design Based on Consumer Psychology

Perfume Vial Design Based on Consumer Psychology

The design concept of fragrance bottles is often conveyed through visual stimuli to communicate the substance contained in its shape, arousing people's recognition and resonance for beauty. Among many cosmetics, perfume must be the most charming, with refreshing and elegant fragrances, as well as unique bottle shapes and packaging full of individuality. If a perfume wants to win consumers' hearts, it not only needs to have an enchanting aroma, but also a unique appearance that expresses its essence, forming a unified entity, so that consumers can be attracted by its sweetness, personality, or vitality. In today's increasingly rich material life, we value more the satisfaction of personality and spiritual pleasure. Appreciating the sensuous features of design is more about consuming for the feeling. The purpose of design is not the product, but to satisfy people's needs. Human emotions are rich and easy to stimulate, and the ultimate goal of product design is to stimulate people's potential desire to buy.

Perfume container design should be based on consumers' needs

The purpose of perfume container design is to create more value for its brand, satisfy consumers' needs, and win more profits for businesses. The appearance of the product is a medium for conveying information. It not only has certain functionality, but also contains the emotions that the product wants to express, and is expressed to consumers through certain external forms. Therefore, people can understand the characteristics of the product through its shape, color, and texture. At the same time, consumers will also choose the products that suit themselves based on their life experiences, family background, and other factors. A successful designer must fully understand consumers' psychological needs, so that consumers can get enough information at the first time and be attracted to promote product sales. With the ever-changing society, product packaging design has become an essential weapon to attract and guide consumers to consume and promote goods. It also increases product recognition, attracts specific groups of people, and becomes a catalyst for product promotion.

Consumers usually choose brands based on their social, cultural, and family backgrounds, so each perfume should have its specific target. A good perfume bottle design requires highlighting the brand image to attract consumers' attention. Among the many perfumes, each one has its unique features, and the bottle shape also attracts different groups of people with different personality traits. How to help consumers screen out their favorite and suitable one from the dazzling array of perfumes and find one that they will like and remember is beyond requirements of product designers to design perfume bottles with unique and striking creativity that can meet the needs of different consumer groups.

The color changes of the perfume container shape

Perfume container designs not only have various shapes but also vary in color. Men's perfume is the same, requiring not only to reflect the brand image, but also to attract consumers, giving them certain orientation, and thus improving the quality and value of perfume. Chanel Bleu De Chanel Eau De Toilette spray bottle is mainly in deep blue, with the bottle body made of unique and high-quality colored glass. The color on the edge of the bottle is deeper, showing a gradient color and emitting a gorgeous halo effect. It conveys a deep, classic, and eternal brand value, showing authority and elegance, and fully showing Chanel's pure and classic design style. Blue is a color symbolic of freedom, unique, and mysterious.

The design of fragrance bottles is also a reflection of the quality of perfume. It expresses the visual image of the product through elements such as shape, color, structure, and material, making consumers feel like they can recognize the scent of perfume in the air just by looking at its packaging.

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