Decoding the Meanings of EDT and EDP on Perfume Bottles

Decoding the Meanings of EDT and EDP on Perfume Bottles

When we look at perfume bottles, we find that there is a distinction between EDT and EDP, but they are both considered as light fragrances. So, what do these English words represent in terms of differences between fragrances? And how are fragrances categorized? Let's take a look at some common knowledge about fragrance classification!

Meaning of EDT and EDP on Perfume Bottles

The labeling of perfume bottles and packaging can be confusing, particularly concerning the variations of EDT and EDP.

EDP refers to a fragrance that has a longer-lasting scent and is also known as perfumed oil or perfume extract. Its concentration is lower than that of perfume extract and is between 15%~25%, while its aroma lasts for about 5 hours, slightly shorter than the 5~7 hours of perfume extract. However, it is lower in quality than perfume extract, due to its longer-lasting scent, and is often used for daytime banquets and suitable for autumn and winter seasons.

EDT perfume bottle design refers to a fragrance with a generally lower staying power. Its perfume concentration is between 5%~10%, slightly more diluted than EDP, and its scent lasts for approximately 3 to 4 hours. With lower quality compared to perfume extract, EDT turns out to be the most commonly used fragrance. Its scent is usually soft and light, making it suitable for everyday or office occasions. As a beginner, it is also one of the least problematic choices. Also, during summer, this type of  fragrance which has EDT label on the perfume packaging is more appropriate.

Meaning of Other Letter Perfume Bottles

  • Parfum perfume bottles refer to concentrated perfume oil or perfume extract, which is the strongest and most persistent among all types of perfumes. Its concentration of perfume extract ranges between 15%~25%, and its scent lasts for around 5~7hours. In addition, this type of perfume is blended with a variety of fragrance types and is of the highest quality. However, it is not the same kind of perfume extract added to cosmetics, but rather a concentrated essence of various fragrances.

  • EDC perfume bottle is also one of the most common perfumes and is usually called eau de Cologne. Its perfume concentration is between 3%~5%, and its aroma lasts for only about 1 to 2 hours, while the alcohol concentration added is higher, ranging from 60%~75%. That is why many men love it. But women rarely use this type of EDC.

  • Eau Fraiche perfume bottles, also known as light fragrance or cool water, is among the lightest fragrances, with a perfume concentration of only 1%~3% and a duration of about 1 hour. Its fragrance is mostly composed of single floral notes and is usually used as shave water, body fragrance or air freshener.

These are some common perfume bottles classification knowledge for everyone's reference. The price of a fragrance does not always indicate its quality, and cheaper fragrances may fall short in terms of scent and quality.

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