What Creative Styling and Cultural Connotation  are Used on the Perfume Bottle Packaging Design?

What Creative Styling and Cultural Connotation are Used on the Perfume Bottle Packaging Design?

1. Creative perfume packaging with abstract human body curve

Considering that the majority of users are women, many perfume brands choose human body or the body curve to be the main design element to highlight the female beauty and elegance of women. Or some will design a spiral-shaped bottle made of frosted glass.

2. Creative perfume packaging with flowers and plants elements

With a leaf as the shape of the entire bottle, it reminds people of the beautiful feeling of summer sunshine and the vitality of nature. It is refreshing, elegant and crystal clear, like a gentle and quiet green fragrance, conveying the concept of harmony and care, the peculiar vision, brand-new experience are full of poetry. Just like the youthful vitality of a girl, fresh and green that is what the "leaf" wants to convey.

3. Creative perfume packaging with animal elements

Some of the perfume packaging design and fragrance packaging also has animal elements. For example: the "Jungle" jungle series of oriental perfumes are specially designed to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year of the Tiger, full of wild nature but without losing its gentleness. On the bottle cap, there is a silver tiger in the jungle. The transparent bottle forms an ode to nature and convery love and vigour. It fully embodies the soft, strong, positive, brave and charming personality of oriental women.

4. Creative perfume packaging with sun, moon, stars, buildings, ornaments, diamonds, and hearts

For example: "Amonge" perfume, full of exotic flavors. This is a real Arabic perfume which exudes oriental fragrance. It is called "the most valuable perfume in the world". Its bottle shape design has an Islamic style. Its design inspiration was found in the building. The cosmetic bottle wholesale is inlaid with silver and crystals, and the golden top decoration corresponds to each other. Added with transparent glass, the whole package becomes noble and rich.

In the modern perfume product industry, more and more perfume packaging designs use simple and abstract expression methods to give the whole perfume a simple and modern feel. And environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging wholesale materials are preferred to reflect a green concept of environmental protection.

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