The Perfume Cap Design Must Be Beautiful!

The Perfume Cap Design Must Be Beautiful!

Perfume, for many consumers, is no longer a very luxury item. With the user's emotions, dreams, sensitive minds and strong ambitions, it slowly enters our lives, and it has become a must-have item for women. A woman without perfume has no future. A well-designed perfume container that stimulates people's emotions and goes straight to their hearts.

Perfume bottle packaging design is a very effective marketing tool. Today, perfume bottles are not only used as containers for perfumes, but their elegant and romantic shapes also contain rich cultural connotations. There are many People also like to collect perfume bottles. Before consumers smell the perfume, the bottle gives her the most intuitive sensory experience. In addition to stimulating consumption, the exquisite perfume bottle packaging design is also an important part of shaping the brand image and improving the brand awareness. Perfume has a day when it runs out, but the perfume bottle can last forever with the memory. Every year, there are more than a thousand new fragrance products on the market, and there are many choices. When many consumers are faced with a variety of fragrances with different shapes, they usually do not know how to choose. However, consumers who seek to differentiate themselves will not hesitate to try unique, highly individual products.

1. Cultural connotation of perfume cover design

In women's perfume packaging, the role of perfume bottle caps design goes beyond the meaning of its cosmetic bottle cap. It exists beyond its basic function of protecting goods. Unique and diverse shapes play a pivotal role in reflecting the connotation of brand culture and attracting consumers' attention.

Common perfume cap design packaging materials are glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, zamac cap and so on. Glass was the first to appear in perfume packaging, and slowly, materials such as metal, porcelain and plastic appeared.

2. Features of plastic perfume caps

The plastic perfume caps has the advantages of beautiful appearance, economical application and good mechanical properties. The plasticizer in the plastic can make the plastic more plastic and easy to process into different shapes. The colorants contained in plastic can make it produce a variety of different colors, and the shape is more colorful. In addition, plastic perfume caps have a transparent texture, can print various patterns, and are not easy to break, so they are widely used in packaging products, especially in the design of bottle caps for cosmetic packaging.

3. The uniqueness of perfume cap design

Custom perfume bottles design is not only a kind of sealing effect on perfume, nowadays, bottle cap-based shape is very common in perfume packaging. Therefore, more designers focus on the shape of bottle caps, imitating the shapes of plants, animals or other classic utensils in nature, thus reflecting the uniqueness of the products.

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