Application Requirements of Plastic Bottles in Cosmetic Packaging

Application Requirements of Plastic Bottles in Cosmetic Packaging

An important reason in applying plastic bottles in cosmetic packaging is that they are easy to transport, not easy to break, and should better protect the cosmetics. But not all plastic bottles can be used to package cosmetics.

Generally speaking, plastic jars cosmetics are divided into PP, PE, PET, etc. Among them, the PET material is used for the molding of cosmetic packaging plastic bottles, the tube embryo is injection molding, and the product packaging is blow molding. Acrylic-based radioactive bottles have poor chemical resistance and generally cannot be directly placed in a paste form, so it is not easy to fill them up.

Plastic is a high-molecular synthetic material with many types. The advantages are:

(1) Good mechanical properties, light weight, convenient storage and transportation, easy to carry and use;

(2) Good barrier property, good sealing, high transparency;

(3) Good processing performance, and it can be manufactured into various sizes of bottles, caps, films, bags and composite packaging materials, such as plastic lipstick case;

(4) Decorative coloring and printing performance are good. Logos, instructions, signs, and barcodes can be directly inkjet or printed on plastic materials  of various plastic tube cosmetic packaging without falling off;

(5) Good chemical stability, weak toxicity, hygiene and safety. The cover can be made into a safety cover or a pressure cover, as well as anti-counterfeiting marks, etc.

As the main role of packaging for many years, plastic bottles will still occupy an important position in future cosmetic packaging materials. Plastic containers have advantages of high strength, light weight and resistance to breakage. Besides, a wide variety of plastic packaging designs can be realized and implemented in a short period of time. These characteristics make plastic jars cosmetics invincible.

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