How to Recognize Perfume Bottle Design?

How to Recognize Perfume Bottle Design?

Perfume is one of the cosmetics we use every day. Now it has become a normal social etiquette. Spraying perfume when going out is not only exclusive to ladies. Many attractive men also use perfume, and a stylish perfume must have a creative perfume bottle design.

Many female friends buy perfume not only because the perfume can bring a charming fragrance, but also because the design of the perfume bottle is very beautiful. Women love beauty, and they like perfume bottles with unique designs. You can learn to see what kind of perfume bottles are more popular with people.

1. Make the design and packaging of perfume bottles more creative and practical

The packaging is the face of the product. How to design a successful perfume bottle design, which is highly recognizable among a bunch of similar products, may also be able to play a bit of functionality cleverly, and even promote other products under the same brand by the way? This is probably what every packaging designer wants. The design of perfume bottles is constantly updated with the trend and its own characteristics, and most customers also rely on visual consumption, making the design and packaging of perfume bottles more creative and practical, and the design brands are environmentally friendly, which is more in line with the development of the market and shows the brand content.

Perfume bottle design is the key to arouse customers' desire to buy. People's living standards are improving, and the requirements for product packaging are getting higher and higher. In the design of perfume bottles, not only the color and shape are emphasized, but also the graphics and materials should be used to highlight the product. The fun of packaging reflects the connotation in product planning and establishes the image of product brand.

2. The design of the perfume bottle matches perfectly with the taste of the perfume

We have to admit that the design of the current perfume bottle is more and more novel and colorful. We believe it will surely capture the hearts of many women, whether it is the return of mature women or the release of the nature of cute girls.

The design of the perfume bottle is absolutely classic. It is not only cute, but also has the value of art collection. With gems embellished on the body, it is of great value. But these are not the key points. We believe that the reason why girls are attracted is its unique and creative shape design. As if placed in a garden full of flowers, the fragrance of the beautiful breath lures people into the mysterious garden. Hubert Givenchy, who loves nature and gardens, built a mysterious garden for himself. The scents of flowers, fruits, and grass in the garden are intertwined, bathed in soft sunlight, and a warm, elegant and soft fragrance greets you. Like the flowers blooming from the bottle, there is a faint fragrance, which is beautiful and luxurious. Only the romantic violet can best interpret her sensuality, and the golden thread around the neck of the bottle is like a noble jewelry worn by women, reflecting an unparalleled sense of sophistication and magnificence.

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