Sensory Interaction of Olfactory and Visual in Perfume Bottle Design

Sensory Interaction of Olfactory and Visual in Perfume Bottle Design

In today's society where material life is constantly improving, people's demands for perfume are no longer limited to the fragrance itself. They pay more attention to the physiological and psychological effects that perfume brings, as well as the emotional needs that perfume satisfies. During the process of experiencing perfume, the interaction between the eyes and the nose causes a visual and olfactory response, thereby producing an internal emotional fluctuation. The perfume container is created in this process.

Perfume bottle design awakens people's other senses through intercommunication of sensory organs

The research on intercommunication has gradually shifted from pure perception to the field of creation, leading to the gradual integration of intercommunication into design. Through intercommunication of sensory organs, designers are not limited to a single sense, but can awaken people's other senses, breaking through the constraints of time and space and allowing feelings to be sublimated.

In perfume bottle design, designers can interconnect visual and olfactory senses to achieve emotional connection between consumers and designers. For example, Dior's "J'adore" perfume bottle uses a slender bottle design and exquisite gold-threaded circle winding, with a transparent teardrop-shaped glass stopper studded on top of the bottle, and an extraordinary bottle neck design that is unforgettable. The design is inspired by Dior's high-end custom clothing, and the shape of the whole bottle resembles the graceful curves of a woman's body, which reflects feminine charm. The bottle is decorated with a gold collar design as a representation of the feminine features of the perfume, using a personification technique.

The perfume container visually represents the color gold and the image of a woman's perfume bottle. The classic feature lies in the gold and curved bottle shape, which will evoke an olfactory association - enticing, charming, and delightful fragrances. When people smell the fragrance, their minds immediately conjure up a confident, elegant, and charming image of themselves after using this perfume. This is the magic of intercommunication. The designer has fully utilized the visual and olfactory senses and used intercommunication to fuse emotions, enriching the information conveyed by the design and enhancing the infectious power of this perfume.

The development trend of perfume bottle design

In the new era, designers need to fully consider consumers' preferences, use intercommunication techniques, based on the logic of life, and carry out design of perfume bottles in a specific, detailed, and multi-faceted manner, using the visual to express the emotional attributes of perfumes, and presenting consumers with more exquisite, subtle, and multi-dimensional emotional experiences and psychological feelings to achieve emotional connection between consumers and designers.

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