How to Judge the Value of Glass Perfume Bottle?

How to Judge the Value of Glass Perfume Bottle?

1. The era of glass perfume bottles

Generally speaking, the faster the production and manufacture of glass perfume bottles, the more valuable they are in personal collections, which is the same as all personal collections of items. How to beat the design style laminated glass perfume bottle (1st century AD), which was very precious at that time, more expensive than the liquid inside the glass bottle. Another example is the blown amethyst bottle (50 to 150 years), and there are also blown glass bottles modeled in the 1st century AD. From the different storage methods of glass perfume bottles, everyone can feel the real "lasting fragrance" on them.

2. The origin of glass perfume bottles

Perfume bottles of different origins describe different folk customs and customs. By appreciating perfume bottles of different origins, you can feel different cultural and artistic auras. The world's oldest perfume discovered in Estonia is housed in an insignificant earthenware bottle with simplicity and simplicity; while the perfume bottle of Madame Butterfly series products combined with exotic flavors is even more ingenious, showing a faint hint of ingenuity. The mysterious aura of the ancient country of cultivation. Today's glass bottles are also different. People in European and American countries prefer smaller glass perfume bottles for perfume bottles, but everyone in Southeast Asian countries will choose larger perfume bottles.

3. The material of glass perfume bottle

The industrial production of contemporary perfume bottle production is developing with the industrial production of laminated glass crystal production. Laminated glass and crystal are thus key raw materials for contemporary perfume bottle design solutions. In addition, there are also porcelain, cloisonné enamel, etc., which are often used as raw materials for the production of perfume bottles. You can use different materials according to your own preferences. Generally speaking, when using perfume bottles of different materials, glass bottles made of laminated glass give people a sense of ethereal elegance. Porcelain gives people a thick feeling. Naturally, it also needs appearance design, and there are also differences in appearance design lines.

4. The shape of the glass perfume bottle

The design of the perfume bottle has been very colorful until now. In addition to the square, ring, heart, half-moon, cone, and trapezoid that can be described, there are also many strange shapes that cannot be described in words.

5. The color of the glass perfume bottle

The colors of glass perfume bottles are very colorful. Generally, fully transparent perfume bottles such as laminated glass crystal are more common in light gray, such as light caramel, light orange, light green, light blue, and more light caramel. That's because the caramel color matches well with most fragrances and gives a refreshing and clean feel.

6. Decoration design of glass perfume bottle

The beautifully decorated perfume bottle plays a fundamental role in attracting women's visual attention. The surface of the carved flowers, the beautiful petal bottle stopper, and some are also decorated with hand-tied ribbon bows, so that the space art of the perfume bottle has the same appreciation and use value as the taste and plastic art of the perfume.

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