Constituent Elements of Perfume Bottle Design and Manufacturing

Constituent Elements of Perfume Bottle Design and Manufacturing

When industrial designers design perfume bottles, they often treat them as a single product. However, a good perfume bottle design should be combined with the perfume design, because the bottle is only the carrier of the perfume- the perfume is the real protagonist! Therefore, each high-quality perfume has a unique perfume bottle design, but in fact, the perfume bottle is designed according to the various elements of perfume design, based on the characteristics of the perfume. The concept of perfume contained in the bottle is the essence of perfume design.

Modern perfume bottle design has more and more artistic qualities, with crystal-clear bottle bodies like delicate glass bottles. For some collectors, the scent of perfume disappears the second time around, and the charming appearance that attracts them is the reason why they purchase perfume bottles. So what are the elements of perfume bottle design? Let's explore them with Jingdao below.

The shape of perfume bottle design

Nowadays, the shape of perfume bottles is quite diverse. In addition to shapes that can be described as square, round, heart-shaped, crescent-shaped, conical, and inverted ladders, there are also many strange shapes that cannot be described in words.

The color of perfume bottle design

The color of perfume bottles is very rich, usually light in color, especially light lemon yellow, which is because lemon yellow matches the color of most perfumes very well and can give people a refreshing feeling.

The era of perfume bottle design

Generally speaking, the earlier a perfume bottle is produced, the higher its value will be in terms of collection and appreciation. For example, the Lalyx-style glass perfume bottle from the first century BC; purple crystal bottles from 50 to 150 AD; and glass jars from the first century, etc. From them, you can feel the true lasting fragrance.

The technological elements of perfume bottle design

Currently, more and more perfume bottle packaging designs use simple and abstract expressions, which give people a simple and modern feeling while utilizing various high-tech elements.

The decoration of perfume bottle design

The exquisite and elegant perfume bottle plays a decisive role in attracting women's visual attention. The carved flower surface, beautiful bottle cap, and some even use handmade ribbon decorations, so that the visual art of perfume bottle design and olfactory art of perfume have the same appreciation value.

In the process of packaging perfume bottles, if you want the perfume bottles to look more upscale, you must pay attention to the above-mentioned methods and choose such a plan to design, so that you can truly achieve your goals. On the other hand, when designing perfume bottles, only one color needs to be selected. If there are too many colors, they will simultaneously lose their indifference and characteristics.

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