The Export Market Analysis of Glass Perfume Bottles

The Export Market Analysis of Glass Perfume Bottles

Currently, glass bottles are the most common form of perfume bottle packaging on the market.

Packaging of glass perfume bottles now accounts for a large share of exports, which is mainly related to the developed and long-established perfume manufacturing abroad. For the export of glass perfume bottles, glass perfume bottles from China have several advantages.

1. Advantages of glass perfume bottles

(1) The production of glass perfume bottles has price advantage

Low labor wages in China make perfume bottles occupy a price advantage in the European and American markets.

(2) Glass perfume bottles have industrial advantages

After years of development, perfume bottle packaging production in China has great advantages in all aspects of raw materials and equipment manufacturing, which forms its industrial advantages.

(3) The production quality advantage

The production quality of glass perfume bottles from China has been continuously improved, and it has become highly competitive internationally.

2. How about the export market of glass perfume bottles?

First of all, orders for glass perfume bottles from Europe and the United States are mostly directly processed and produced based on the drawings from perfume manufacturers.

Secondly, some underdeveloped regions pay more attention to the cost performance of orders for glass perfume bottles. And they mostly purchase the inventory of glass perfume bottles.

Finally, some manufacturers began to design their own custom perfume bottles and earn more profits by producing, selling and exporting abroad, which is also the main trend in the future.

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