Analysis of Emotional Design Elements of Women

Analysis of Emotional Design Elements of Women's Perfume Bottles

Women first form feelings about perfume bottles, and then associate them with cognitive evaluations, which are collectively referred to as the analysis of the perceptual quantities of fragrance bottles. On the other hand, the designer analyzes the shape characteristics and emotional design factors of the perfume bottle, and establishes a certain theoretical connection. After the formation of the perceptual amount, after further analysis, a cognitive evaluation mechanism is established, the cognitive evaluation level is measured, and the emotional response is further measured. Through the analysis of the measurement results and the specific modeling emotional factors, the emotional quantity is transformed into the physical quantity, and the emotional design elements affecting the fragrance bottle are obtained.

1. The shape of the outline of the perfume bottle

Perfume bottle is a volume product, which belongs to the design of container and utensil. There are many classifications for the body. According to the existing collection of fragrance bottles and the basic structure of perfume, the fragrance bottles are classified to pave the way for the analysis of the overall outline of the perfume bottle in the next step. Different line types give people different visual feelings, such as straight lines, curves, angles, etc. The feeling of curves is more lively and casual.

(1) Square: The square is eye-catching, simple, and easy to identify. The square also has a sense of stability and security, giving people a very reassuring, trustworthy, organized, regular, and reliable impression. In the design of custom made perfume bottles, there are many square bottle bodies, and it will be more rigid and serious to use the square shape directly, so chamfering and segmentation are often used in bottle body design.

(2) Circle: A circle has a sense of fullness and smoothness. For a circle, it is often said to be perfect, perfect and complete. From the modeling point of view, the circle has a symmetrical, soft, stable and dynamic impression. There are more line fragrance bottles with round shape than other shapes on the market. The shape after multiple cuts will be similar to the square shape. This kind of bottle has no edges and corners, and the round shape will make consumers more relaxed, energetic and happy. 

(3) Vase shape: The outline of the vase shape is generally narrow and long, with straight lines, a sense of form and rhythm. The vase-shaped shape has the impression of grace, adoration and expectation. The bottle shape is generally formed from the basic shape by cutting, stretching, interspersing, etc., and the line shape is more powerful.

2. The processing method of the outline of the perfume bottle body

The main feature of the shape of the perfume bottle is the change of its contour line. Different contour lines give people different feelings, and different structural proportions will produce different product visual effects. Therefore, the processing method, principle and structure of the contour line of the perfume bottle are analyzed as follows:

(1) The outline of the cap of the perfume bottle and the bottle body are similar, which can form a whole.

(2) The contour lines of the bottle body and the bottle cap should be differentiated in size to avoid visual monotony.

(3) The inclination angle of the contour line of the bottle body should not be too large, which will cause the entire bottle body to sag.

(4) The contour lines of the bottle cap and the bottle body have certain changes to avoid rigidity.

(5) The height of the bottom of the bottle should not be too high, which will make the entire bottle body in an overhead visual effect.

(6) The chamfer on the shoulder of the bottle should match the overall shape of the bottle.

(7) The length of the bottom contour line should be compared with the entire bottle body, and an appropriate length should be taken to avoid imbalance.

(8) The position of the entire bottle body in contact with the hand should be properly rounded to avoid sharpness.

3. The proportional relationship of the structural design of the perfume bottle

(1) When the shape of the customized perfume bottle is too simple, the bottle cap has a decorative effect, which can increase the interest of the product.

(2) The bottle cap is in the focus design, and the bottle body should be matched with the bottle cap in a simple design to avoid being top-heavy.

(3) The overall bottle body is simple, and the decoration can be appropriately added to play the role of finishing touch. The decoration position should be appropriately selected.

(4) In order to maintain a sense of integrity, there are no decorations, and the bottle body is simple in shape, the decoration can be appropriately added, and the decoration should not be too much.

(5) When the proportion of the bottle body and the bottle body has no obvious features, the protruding nozzle can be used to connect the turning points to increase the contrast of the product.

(6) When the overall color of the bottle body is too depressed, gradient colors can be used to increase the vitality of the product.

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