Plastic Rall on Bottles that You Can

Plastic Rall on Bottles that You Can't Put Down

The material of the Plastic roll on bottles has characteristics similar to that of glass, and it is not easy to react with the contents. At the same time, it overcomes the fragile shortcoming during transportation of the glass roll-on bottle. The plastic roll-on bottle can be injection molded in various colors, and can be injection molded into a bright and sandy surface, which costs less but has good grade.

Roll-on bottle, also known as walking bead bottle, is a relatively common type of packaging bottle and is widely used by people. The roll-on bottle is usually made of plastic and glass, and its capacity is small. With the rolling balls installed on the bottle head, it can help people to apply evenly, prevent liquid leakage, and also have a massage effect. There are two types of rolling balls on the head of roll-on bottles: plastic and steel balls. General cosmetic like eye creams use steel balls, while cheap products such as lipsticks use plastic balls, which depends on the price of the product.

Plastic roll on bottles are often used for eye creams. You can apply eye cream directly to the skin around the eyes. It is evenly applied and has a massage effect, helping to eliminate eye wrinkles and eye fatigue; And the cool touch of glass beads and steel balls helps eliminate eye puffiness. And it is convenient to use.

The roll-on bottle should have a good water output effect when in use, while it cannot leak when not in use. The products of ZHEJIANG B.I. PACKAGING are tested when they leave the factory, and there is no leakage problem, so you can use it with confidence.

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