Perfume Bottle Design Accompanies the Development of the Times

Perfume Bottle Design Accompanies the Development of the Times

The advent of perfume has brought a wonderful experience to the lives of many women. With the development of society, women's aesthetic ability and pursuit of beauty are increasing day by day. Going out and wearing makeup and spraying perfume are not only women's cognition of aesthetics, but also their unique choices and opinions on fashion. Every female friend has a natural pursuit of beauty, a good educational background and a strong spending power, which makes designers focus on this part of the target group. At present, most of the classic perfumes have matching unique China perfume bottle shapes.

1. Perfume bottles are the product of the development of the times

Modern people found that the perfumes used by the ancients in 4000 BC were similar to modern perfumes, and archaeologists did find the appearance of these perfumes in the fragments of clay perfume bottles, which means that perfume bottles appeared in 4000 BC. Before 1500, it was mostly glass. After 50 BC, the glass blowing process developed. By the 18th century, in the East, ceramic bottles became a trend, and the use of porcelain materials made perfumes precious. However, among all perfume bottle materials, glass material is the most suitable.

In the first 10 years of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau movement reached its peak, and the design style of perfume bottles was influenced, and various shapes were unusually numerous. It must be mentioned that in 1907, the structure of the perfume bottle underwent a major change - the spray bottle was born. After experiencing the Art Deco movement, the modern art movement, the design of perfume bottles has become more international. It must be mentioned that in the 1980s, perfume was classified as a cosmetic product, and the invention of the built-in spray also made perfume a truly portable cosmetic. Today, perfume bottles are even more bizarre, and the design of perfume bottles is also undergoing style changes again and again.

2. The development trend of perfume bottles

Perfume has existed as a luxury item for a long time, but this perception is changing and the market for perfume bottles is growing. The first feeling of perfume is the fragrance. The fragrance can not only bring you the fragrance of the sense of smell, but also relax the nerves and relieve fatigue and other functions. The love for fragrance has also attracted more researchers. In today's high-tech development, the formula of perfume is no longer a secret. The production of perfumes has also become common, and the competition in the market has become increasingly fierce. There are also more and more categories of perfume bottles, and the demand driven by them continues to rise. Markets in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East are growing rapidly. And the increase shows a trend of increasing year by year. According to data analysis, considering that the current national cosmetics consumption level is still at a low level, there is a large room for growth in the future, and its sales are expected to continue to grow.

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