Design Steps for Glass Bottle Cosmetics

Design Steps for Glass Bottle Cosmetics

The design of glass bottle cosmetics needs to be fully considered: product modeling concept (creative, goal, purpose), product capacity, filling type, color, product capacity, etc. Finally, the design intent is integrated with the glass bottle production process to determine the detailed technical indicators.

Specific steps are as follows:

1. Clarify customer specific requirements

Before designing glass bottle cosmetics, we must first communicate with customers to clarify their specific requirements, and finally design a cosmetic glass bottle that satisfies customers.

2. Propose preliminary design ideas according to requirements.

The preliminary idea should include special details such as the material, size, and logo spraying position of the product. These ideas of custom cosmetic containers should strictly follow the customer's requirements, and strive to not miss the key points.

3. Make specific product drawings

When the preliminary design ideas are obtained, specific product drawings should be designed. The drawings should include the bottle proportion, height, width, groove, weight and other information, and the designed drawings should be sent to the customer for confirmation. Communication every detail with the customer. After each detail is satisfied, both parties can proceed to the next step.

4. Start mold design

Start the mold design based on the final drawing, and carefully check the drawing information, especially marked numbers during processing. The following points should be determined during the trial production:

1) Correctness of mold design;

2) Determine production parameters, such as drip temperature, mold temperature, machine speed, etc.;

3) Confirm the packaging method;

4) Final confirmation of quality level;

5) Sample production, which can be processed and proofed later.

Although there are few steps in the design of glass bottle cosmetics, each step needs to be treated with care and patience by the staff in order to produce unique glass bottle cosmetics.

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