Cosmetics Aluminum Jars Molding Process

Cosmetics Aluminum Jars Molding Process

Dropper bottles have poor air tightness, and vacuum pumps is their weaknesses. If skin care products contain components that are easy to oxidize and photosensitive toxicity, the dropper bottles and vacuum pumps can not handle it. They can only be placed in aluminum jars to isolate air and light.

At present, most of the common aluminum jars on the market begin with small ingots or sheets.

The process flow is as follows: 
1. Lubrication: Aluminum ingots or sheets are fully stirred with lubricant 
2. Stamping: stamping aluminum ingots or sheets into a single-sided open cylinder. 
3. Trimming: Dressing the opening side of the aluminium cylinder to the required height 
4. Brushing: Reducing the surface roughness in order to the follow-up printing process 
5. Flushing: Washing oil stains, aluminium powder particles, and so on. 
6. Inner coating: coating the inside of the aluminium tank, avoiding the reaction between content and aluminium, corroding the aluminium tank 
7. Printing: printing patterns outside (including bottom coating, printing, polishing) 
8. Forming: Making aluminium tank Different shapes and appearances 
9. Leak detection: detection of whether there is a leak point 
10. Rinse: wash oil dirt, clean tank.

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