Pet Enters the Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Industry

Pet Enters the Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Industry

The trend of cosmetic bottle packaging has changed greatly in recent years. In the past years, cosmetic manufacturers in offline channels attached great importance to the appearance of cosmetic bottle packaging. In the electronics market, cosmetic bottle packaging has been greatly impacted. For online cosmetic bottles, it attaches more importance to the more practical characteristics. Therefore, in the past two years, the cosmetic bottle market began to turn to the trend of the simple and practical features. This is also a new positive environmental change brought about by the cosmetic bottle market. For cosmetic bottle packaging, the future trend is lightweight and simplified, which is the inevitable trend in the future.

Since the 1980s, as an industrial plastic, PET has made great progress and developed nucleating agent and crystallization promoter. At present, as a thermoplastic polyester, PET and PBT have become one of the five engineering plastics (PA PC POM PBT PPO). At present, the consumption ratio of PET engineering plastics in several application fields is 26% for electrical appliances and electronics, 22% for automobiles, 19% for machinery, 10% for appliances, 10% for consumer goods and 13% for others.

Pet enters the cosmetic bottle packaging industry. Zhejiang Jingdao Industrial Co., Ltd. have large quantities of high-quality PET cosmetic bottles for sale. The quality of PET bottles for sale is excellent, simple and practical, which is the best choice for purchase. Zhejiang Jingdao Industrial Co., Ltd. is the preferred company for the seller of PET bottles.
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