Several Highlights Of Medicinal Plastic Bottle Packaging

Several Highlights Of Medicinal Plastic Bottle Packaging

From the perspective of the company itself, the future packaging of pharmaceuticals will be based on safety. The packaging of pharmaceuticals should be more concise, clear and beautiful. Under the premise of ensuring that it is not easily damaged during transportation, even if it is saved, it should not be too packaged. The quality of the employees of the company to promote the market competitiveness of the company.

1. High insulation packaging. High insulation packaging is the application of high-quality materials to restrain gas and water vapor, odor, light, etc. enter the package to ensure the effectiveness of the drug;

2. Antibacterial packaging. In order to extend the shelf life of drugs and ensure the safety of drug use, the pharmaceutical packaging of antibacterial polymer packaging materials is accepted according to GMP requirements to restrain bacterial contamination, which will become one of the directions of flexible packaging of drugs;

3. "Green" packaging. The "green" packaging of medicines refers to the packaging of new environmentally-friendly packaging materials that can be recycled to the ecological environment and the health of the human body, and the packaging materials can be recycled and reused, and can be re-created, recyclable, natural, and non-polluting;

4. Less metering and packaging. Less metering packaging requires the measurement of the inner packaging of the drug, including the packaging material with the measurement results and the disposable packaging, the latter is the common less metering packaging. ;

5. Environmental conditioning packaging. The so-called "environmental conditioning package" is to change the state of the gas in the package, and to cover the quality of the packaged product for a long time, such as packaging of desiccant (oxygen absorber), atmospheric replacement (nitrogen filling, etc.);

6. "Sterile" packaging. It has the advantages of better linking of medicines, extending shelf life, saving energy, low packaging cost, and easy realization of environmentally friendly packaging;

7. Aerialized packaging. The serialization of pharmaceutical packaging is that the medicines produced by the same manufacturer accept uniform and similar packaging elements. The packaging of pharmaceuticals is carried out. For example, blister packaging can resolve the changes in the size of the plates and the related elements of the aluminum foil screen to reach the series packaging;

8. Nano packaging. The growth of nanopaper, polymer-based nanocomposites (PNMC), nano-adhesives and nano-antibacterial packaging will open up new areas for flexible packaging of pharmaceuticals.
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