Plastic Containers Are the Standard Matching of Skin Care Products

Plastic Containers Are the Standard Matching of Skin Care Products

Plastic containers are the standard matching of skin care products. The skin care bottles we see in the market are mainly made of plastic and glass. The plastic materials are various and the shapes are rich. As a novice purchaser, how to find out the bottle which belongs to ourselves among the merchants which have the PET bottle for sale and how to effectively recognize the characteristics of different plastic bottles is a difficult problem. This paper mainly introduces some basic information of plastic bottles, which can be used for your quick introduction and reference.

In order to display the contents effectively, injection moulding solid color, transparent natural color and picky penetration are often used in bottle body. The surface of package materials such as bottle cap and pump head often adopt spraying, vacuum plating, electrolytic aluminium, wire drawing, gold-silver cladding, secondary oxidation and other processes to reflect the individuality of the product.

PET plastic bottles and matching bottle caps are usually printing the information of the enterprises on the surface of bottles, bottle caps or pump heads by silk printing, transfer printing, gold stamping, silver stamping, heat transfer printing and water transfer printing.

PP material, PS, ABC and acrylic are commonly used for the outer cap of bottles. The bottle caps are mainly divided into swing caps, flip caps, lift caps and screw caps. Generally, the bottle caps are equipped with inner gaskets, pull caps and plugs. Very few of them are equipped with spoons or droppers, which mainly considers their sealing and convenience of the use.

Plastic bottles are widely used in cosmetic industry, such as cream bottles, lotion bottles, essence bottles, water bottles, and so on.

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